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Ferrous Metals 


Steel includes metals such as: prepared steel (5x2), unprepared steel (5x2), plate, pipes, cut out, motor blocks, trailers, i-beams, cutouts, forklifts, old machinery. 


Sheet Iron 

Sheet iron includes metals such as: roofing tin, washers, dryers, refrigerators, bikes, bike rims, metal buildings, metal roofs. 


Cast Iron

Motor blocks, old machine shop machinery, old tractors and equipment. 

We specialize in purchasing ferrous metals including scrap iron and scrap steel. At our facility, we accept all types of ferrous metals available on the market. Our knowledgeable staff is adept at identifying various grades of scrap metal for purchase, ensuring transparency and accuracy in transactions. Additionally, they are equipped to address any inquiries you may have, including those related to scrap metal prices. We strive to offer competitive rates reflective of current market trends, providing fair compensation for your scrap metal materials. Rest assured, whether you're selling scrap iron, steel, or any other ferrous metal, you can trust us to deliver reliable service and competitive pricing.

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