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Studdard Scrap Metal Recycling 

Being a full-service scrap yard, we offer a wide range of amenities to serve every customer's request. Whether you're bringing one pound or thousands, Studdard Scrap can attend to your needs.  Visit us today or call us for any questions and inquiries about your scrap metal needs!

Studdard Scrap Metal Recycling is a family-owned business that has served the Gulf Coast regions for over 30 years. As local owners, we pride ourselves on putting customers first by offering competitive pricing and friendly services.

What We Buy 

Stainless steel & nickle
Catalytic Converters
Sheet iron

Who We Service 

Studdard Scrap Metal services a wide range of customers. Because of our experience in the industry, we are sure to have the resources to handle every customer.


General Public


Our Schriever and Morgan City locations are open 5 days a week 8 A.M. - 4 P.M to the General Public. All you need is your metal and an ID. 

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